Start Simple!

There are a total of forty website pages to choose from. Start out with our FREE set of fourteen standard pages, which are included with our Simple Package. If and when you need more pages or want to create a site that looks like it was designed just for you, we have several upgrade options to choose from.

Our Simple RSVP option, which allows you to accept RSVPs without associating your responses with a pre-determined guest list, is included with every package. If you prefer to associate your RSVP responses with a guest list and restrict guest access to certain events, select any of our upgrades.

Available Webpages
Optional website introduction.
Introduce your guests to your wedding website and share your plans for future updates!
Introduce yourselves or each other using descriptions and photos.
Share information about your wedding ceremony.
Provide details regarding the events surrounding the wedding and/or reception.
Assist your guests in setting up their travel plans to your wedding.
Recommend accommodations and link to each venue's reservations page.
Share your honeymoon location and any other information you wish to include.
Create links directly to established WeddingChannel® in-network registries or any out-of-network registry.
Accept RSVPs for multiple events.
Allow your guests to post messages and well wishes.
Feature an unlimited number of photos in as many slideshows as you like.
Chronicle your thoughts about whatever inspires you.
Create interactive polls and quizzes for your guests.
Share with your guests the story of how you met.
Share your unique proposal story!
Post a favorite poem or line of scripture that holds special meaning for the two of you.
Introduce your entire bridal party to your guests.
Privately communicate with your bridesmaids - individually password protected.
Privately communicate with your groomsmen - individually password protected.
Introduce each of your important friends and family members.
Post fun "then" and "now" photos of each of you.
Share information about your reception.
Provide a form for your guests to submit song suggestions for your events.
Share some thoughts about those who cannot be present at your wedding.
Post a calendar of all of the events leading up to and including your wedding day.
Provide directions to the events or locations on your Events/Calendar pages.
Post local activities, events, restaurants and weather information for out-of-town guests.
Provide helpful contact information for the people who are assisting you with the planning process.
Allow your guests to update their contact information through your website.
Share videos files with your guests.
Share your seating chart ideas with friends and family members.
Allow your guests to solve fun jigsaw and sliding photo puzzles.
Answer your guests most frequently asked questions and allow them to submit their own.
Share miscellaneous or non-wedding-related information with your guests.
Share your latest news with your guests and allow them to opt into a mailing list.
Thank the important people in your life.
Tell your friends and family members about your life as husband and wife.
Sing the praises of your wedding vendors.
Upload documents for your guests to download.
Create up to 20 custom pages.
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