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For my casual beach wedding, I wore a simple, white sundress and chose not to wear a veil. Instead I wore live daisies in my hair. Besides live flowers, there are so many other alternatives to the traditional veil, including these beautiful homemade finds from, that range from classic and elegant to ... read more
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Like many of you around the country, I’ve spent much of the past week thinking about the profound impact Ted Kennedy, and the entire Kennedy family, has had on American politics and culture. Not only has the Kennedy family proven to be the picture of modern public service, but they have always embodied a ki... read more

Being You

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Here’s a question: Have you ever tried to tell an Indian mother that you would like a destination wedding? And once you did that, did you proceed to get repeat panic phone calls about how this would make it very inconvenient for her to have the wedding of her dreams attended by 500 of your closest friends a... read more
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Still looking for that special “something blue” to accompany you down the aisle? The color blue symbolizes love, modesty, and fidelity, so it’s a perfect complement to your wedding day. Some brides wear a blue garter or add a blue ribbon to their bouquet, but if you’re really looking for something a l... read more
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I used to have a love-hate relationship with weddings—loved going to them, hated that I hadn’t had mine yet. It was more than that, of course. Most of us dream of a storybook romance, being swept off our feet by that perfect someone, and I was no different. So when my “time” finally came, I wasn’t a... read more