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Ever since Twitter went Oprah this past Spring, the strangely addictive social networking tool has become a household name that everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Iranian student dissidents have become associated with. On the cutting edge of social networking crack, there is no shortage of things to do with Twi... read more
Foot of Color
Who says bridal shoes need to be white? Or off-white, or ivory, or any color that is the same color as your dress for that matter? One of my favorite bridal fashion trends is bright, colorful, playful shoes. Wearing your favorite color on your feet really allows your personality to shine through to your weddi... read more

Your Own Unique Ceremony

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Everyone knows your wedding should be your own unique ceremony but how do you balance non-traditional with respectful? Let’s work through the issues faced by unique ceremonies. If you’re looking for advice concerning any non-traditional aspect of your wedding day, this is the place to get a tasteful opi... read more
Tracie and Daniel's Wedding Website
Tracie and Daniel's wedding website is the first of many of many sites that we will be featuring. Tracie is also a bride blogger on We love this site because of how they took full advantage of all of the customization options available to them. Their site truly is a beautiful re... read more
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Cookie-cutter weddings are definitely a thing of the past. Weddings today are designed to reflect each couple's unique personality. Personalizing your wedding is easier than ever with all of the customizable options available to support just about any wedding theme. However, with choice, sometimes comes anxie... read more