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Engagement Photo
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Using a Creative Engagement Photo-shoot to Add to Your Wedding Experience Jennifer and Kevin are a couple who spent most of their relationship on opposite sides of the country; Jennifer in LA and Kevin in NY. Fortunately, however, Kevin is a pilot, so making travel arrangements came a bit easier for him. ... read more
winter wedding ideas
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Winter Wedding Ideas from Color to Ambiance Being from Florida, I don’t often get the opportunity to attend a “winter” wedding. But as we approach the winter wedding season, I am sure there are many brides out there looking for winter wedding ideas! To me, winter screams lots of whites, creams, meta... read more
Bridal Registry
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The Overwhelming Wedding Bridal Registry I experienced serious bridal registry anxiety...Why? Because, I was moving into a new home with my husband and I had no idea what we actually needed, I was concerned about the guests and what stores would be readily accessible to them (considering that a good portion ... read more
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Compromise in A Marriage = SUCCESS! I’ve recently learned a lesson that I have to share with all of you ladies out there. It’s about compromise in a marriage and learning to live with the little quarks of the person you will now be spending the rest of your life with. Last October when my now husband... read more
wedding veils
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The Unexpected Expense of Wedding Programs and Wedding Veils There are wedding things that you expect to cost more: invitations, a wedding gown and photos. Then, there are other items included in the wedding that shock me in terms of their value. Two specific items that have stuck me with their sticker shoc... read more