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Wedding Etiquette Q&A - Wedding Advice from Expert Jodi Smith Q: My fiancé and I are thrilled to be getting married. We have been out in the working world for years and already have established a home together. Instead of including registry information to our guests, we would like to include a little ... read more
Wedding Out of Town Bags
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Ideas for Your Wedding Out of Town Guest Bags If you are anything like me, you want your guests to feel pampered and special. The majority of my wedding guests came from out of town. They purchased plane tickets, rental cars and gas, sprung for hotel rooms and all the other expensive extras that go into an... read more
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An Easy Transition for Changing to your Married Name After Marriage For all you brides who plan on changing your name after you get hitched, I found a fabulous site that does it all for you. Between the IRS, USPS, banks, etc. (the list goes on and on and on) it’s hard to keep track of all the people/places... read more
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There is nothing like two cultures coming together to celebrate one unified cause. Sometimes, if we're lucky, it happens during one of the most special occasions ... a wedding! After initially shocking my family with the news that a) I was not going to marry someone from the same region of India as me b)... read more

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This week's featured professional wedding photographer is, Texas born and bred, Stacy Reeves. Stacy is a photographer inspired by romance and true happiness - the gentle touch, the knowing look, the tight embrace - all those things that make her heart flutter. Traditional Wedding Pictures Create Beautiful We... read more