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A Non-Traditional Wedding Bridal Bouquet Toss My fiancé and I were not big on cake cutting/feeding frenzy, no garter toss and the one that I think surprised everyone ... no bridal bouquet toss!!! When people heard that we were planning a non-traditional wedding, they immediately though... read more
Wedding Mason Jars
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DIY Bride- Ideas to Create a Rustic Wedding Using Mason Jars When I saw these numbered mason jars on Pottery Barn’s website, I was instantly inspired to dedicate this post to the beautiful, reusable mason jar – a must for any DIY bride or anyone who wants to add a rustic or whimsical feel to their weddin... read more
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Stress-Free Wedding Planning Checklists Help with Wedding Details Currently, I’m a project manager at an advertising agency. My day is full of setting time lines and priorities and making sure projects are completed right and on time. It’s only natural that I would take that approach with the biggest pro... read more
Personal Wedding Site
An Elegant and Personal Wedding Website Chris and Amy's site is our featured wedding website of the week. Simple and elegant — great use of photography and well-organized content. Congratulations Chris and Amy! Website Design: "Celebrity" 1. How has your websit... read more
Trash the Dress
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Trash the Wedding Dress or Preserve? There is a somewhat new wedding trend with brides and grooms; this is called ‘Trash the Dress.’ This wide spread phenomenon is a very cool and quirky idea that detaches itself from traditional wedding photography. The idea of ‘Trash the Dress’ is similar to the ... read more