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Rocki and Bruce
Rocki and Bruce’s site is our featured wedding website of the week. Conveniently, their own initials are also the same as the acronym for their favorite music genre R&B (Rhythm and Blues) — it was almost as if their wedding theme was decided for them. Read about how they went about d... read more
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Backyard Weddings Become More Popular Backyard weddings are no longer the exception, and in 2010 they are only going to increase in popularity. DIY brides are finding that they can still have the wedding of their dreams on a modest budget and in the comfort of their own home. Providing your own venue and cr... read more
Wedding Planning Stress
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Throughout the wedding planning extravaganza, BOTH brides and grooms tend to become overly obsessed about their wedding nuptials. And who can blame them? Brides and Grooms go through a massive amount of stress. Couples constantly have wedding details on their mind including the food, the flowers, the gues... read more
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Ahh Lingerie. A very essential and sometimes overlooked item when it comes to planning a wedding. Sure, brides can always have a bridal shower or bachelorette party and hope that maybe someone will get you some lingerie but who knows better than you what flatters your figure the most? Do you prefer thongs,... read more
Photo Credit: IN Photos Inc., Mandap Design: Suhaag Garden Inc.
Photo Credit: IN Photos Inc., Mandap Design: Suhaag Garden Inc. Pin It
At the center of every Hindu wedding is the 'mandap' or wedding canopy- a four pillared structure under which the bride and groom exchange their vows. It is in this sacred sanctuary that the ceremony takes place along with the auspicious wedding fire. The four pillars are said to represent the four goals of a... read more