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Yomand and Lana
Yomand and Lana’s site is our featured wedding website of the week. We love how their color palette allows their beautiful photography to be center stage. They also did a wonderful job of incorporating their own photography into their website design to make it truly unique. Congratulations... read more

Malissa & Todd

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An Extremely Unique and Memorable Wedding Proposal I have heard some pretty extravagant proposal stories over the years, but I think Todd Grannis may "take the cake" for the most daring marriage proposal of them all. I know it's not exactly the Fourth of July, but 'tis the season for holiday proposals, so I ... read more
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Unique Gifts Ideas for each Individual Bridesmaid When it came time to show my appreciation for my bridesmaids, I was hard pressed to find something that fit all seven of them. Of course, I considered a piece of jewelry that coordinated with their bridesmaid dresses and my colors and that could be worn on... read more
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Opt for a Men's Suit for Your Wedding to Save! Not until groomsmen everywhere realize they are spending nearly $200 to wear a rented tuxedo for 8 hours will suits replace the ubiquitous and timeless tuxedo. But in these thrifty economic times, bridal parties are increasingly outfitting their groomsmen in mat... read more
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Disney Themed Wedding Ideas for all Budgets With your budget and pseudo guest list in tow, you can now look for the spot. Of course, everyone I knew assumed that I was going to get married in Disney World especially since that’s where we got engaged. Believe me, I have been researching such a wedding sinc... read more