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A Non-Traditional Guestbook Idea for a Wedding One of the (many) things that I was adamant about was not having the traditional “sign-your-name-here” guestbook. I just knew there wouldn’t be much motivation to pull it out in later years if it was simply a list of names. So I decided to hunt for interes... read more
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Spruce up Your Party with Elegant Wedding Linens It’s official. You are now husband and wife. Now it’s time to head out to the reception and party! As your guests step foot into your wedding reception, this is the first impression they will have of the fun celebration that lies ahead. When planning y... read more
Jonathan and Anna’s site is our featured wedding website of the week. We love the minimalistic approach to color — it really draws the eye to the gorgeous black and white photography. Nice work! Congratulations Jonathan and Anna! Website Design: “Classic” ... read more
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DIY Wedding Craft Ideas For those of you who are crafty with needle and thread, why not incorporate your craft into your wedding!? I have recently started sewing and have come to love crafty sewing projects and fun fabrics. There are so many projects and hand sewn items out there that would be perfect to i... read more
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A Unique Idea for Your Bridesmaid Wedding Gifts Unsure of what to get your bridesmaids? Have you been in weddings where you've received one of the common bridesmaid’s gifts? For me personally, I've been in many weddings and while it is very sweet and thoughtful when the bride thanks her bridesmaids with a... read more