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Whether you're having a fully catered post-wedding bunch or a simple, "hey come over to our place and we'll order some pizza" soirée, here are a couple handmade upgrades that will help add just a little something extra while everyone winds down from the big day! Let guests know what you're serving wit... read more
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I’ve been engaged for 13 months now and have found myself attending just about every bridal show that comes to town.   I’m not really sure if it’s the planner in me that wants to ensure I’ve been able to visit with every vendor imaginable in the city,  but with each show I attend, I always come pre... read more
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Your escort or seating card display presents a wonderful opportunity to personalize your celebration where guests naturally congregate. Typically, table number cards are stuffed into envelopes personalized with guests’ names, or tented cards are calligraphed with names and table assignments on the front. A... read more
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My favorite part of the wedding is the colors! How will the bride and groom express themselves visually? The attire, the flowers, the cake, the invitations—there are so many ways to infuse color throughout the wedding. The possibilities are truly endless! From time to time, I thought it would be fun to l... read more
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Although centerpieces can be floral, the designs that I find most interesting feature non-traditional materials. Landscape centerpieces, a trend for 2010, typically showcase natural elements such as moss, mushrooms, tree bark, fruit or even vegetables and are oftentimes story-like and multi-layered. Consid... read more