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The wedding video is a topic my fiancé and I have been contemplating for months as we are approaching our wedding day.  The questions that come to mind are:  Will we really watch our wedding video?  Should we save the money and invest it in something else for our reception?  Is it worth it to hire a vide... read more
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So here we are ... 2009 has come and gone, and we're well on our way to having another fabulous year in 2010! Before we all get swept up in what's going on in 2010, I thought it would be nice to take a minute to look back on some great wedding photography shot by WedLoft's beloved featured photographers in 2... read more
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I recently wrote about bridesmaid gift ideas, so here’s an idea for gifting the groomsmen—tie the event together with a necktie! We wanted to give our groomsmen a gift that would keep on giving. Not only would a necktie last for years to come, but they could also wear it with their wedding attire, furt... read more
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What better way to start a new life together with your significant other than to be surrounded by something that symbolizes longevity, luck, fortune and enlightenment? Bamboo is a great element to sprinkle throughout your wedding. There are lots of ways to incorporate this eco-friendly resource into your sp... read more
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Last month my mom and I went to a bridal show held at a local venue.  If I didn't have most of my vendors already picked out, I would have been very overwhelmed ... so I'd like to give you some tips on how to successfully conquer the bridal showdown. The first thing you need is tickets. Purchase your ... read more