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DIY Stationery

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Photo Credit:  The Salty Peanut
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Are you a bride on a budget looking to save some serious cash on thank you cards? What about giving each of your bridesmaids a personalized set of monogrammed stationery or note cards? Besides being cheap, making your own note cards is easy and the results are beautiful. You can make them as modern or as... read more
Bryan and Robyn
Bryan and Robyn’s site is our featured wedding website of the week. Robyn is also one of our fabulously talented Guest Bride/Grooms Bloggers. If you're not already following her, you'll definitely want to check out all her great ideas. Bryan and Robyn's site is a beautiful example of great... read more
Photo credit: Martha Stewart Weddings' Luxury Wedding Expo
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Are you an Internet junkie? Do you scour the Internet till all hours of the night, searching for ideas for every wedding aspect, from the dress to the details to every DIY project known to brides? If you are like me and always looking for new ideas, then spend an afternoon at Martha Stewart Weddings’ Lux... read more
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I am absolutely in love with these personalized bridal hangers by LilaFrances — talk about a fabulous shower gift. I first saw them featured in the below real wedding and almost every post comment was abuzz about the maker of the adorable custom hangers, so I knew that I needed to share them wit... read more
Photo credit: Bonnie Tsang
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Many brides want the elegance of having a black and white color theme wedding, but do not wish to have an overabundance of black for fear that their wedding being too dark and depressing. I totally agree with these brides.  However, there are many different DYI projects and wedding décor ideas that can be c... read more