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If you're a DIY bride who is looking for great wedding ideas, look no further! I've created a list of links to some of my very favorite wedding DIY projects, most of which include "how to" instructions and/or design templates. I originally tried to keep the list to my top 50 wedding DIYs, but just couldn't... read more

Shower Games

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I recently went to a wedding shower for a friend and was completely blown away. Everything down to the last detail was planned to perfection. As a host, one of the biggest causes for stress usually comes with the standard, "what are we going to do for games?" Some gals are completely against any type of trad... read more
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Inspiration in Pink! Many brides today have a fear of the color pink. Pink can be used in many different ways in a wedding, sometimes it is used in a good way and sometimes pink is used in a way that is totally overwhelming! There are ways to use the color pink in your wedding without making your wedding day ... read more
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I really wish I had included false eyelashes in my wedding day makeup repertoire. With all of the other beauty decisions I had to make...the thought, quite frankly, never crossed my mind. I recently attended the wedding of a close friend and discovered what a difference fake eyelashes can make in a bride's ap... read more

Style by Texture

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Flowers can shape the theme of the wedding. It can bring pop, style and romance to your event. Today’s bride is not always the princess that wants sweet smelling roses and soft pinks. There are many styles of weddings today that turn old traditions upside down. One trend that I see changing the floral world... read more