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Photo Credit: Nordica Photography
Photo Credit: Nordica Photography Pin It
This week we are featuring the work of Nordica Photography. This Vancouver based company is a result of the combined efforts of photographers Jakob Granqvist and Cole Roberts. Jake and Cole focus on beautiful wedding and portrait photography. Twenty-six year old Jakob was born and raised in Finland and has... read more
Photo Credit: Sues Blooms
Photo Credit: Sues Blooms Pin It
If I were having a winter wedding, it would be red and white. However, I would do things a little differently.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for a red and white winter wedding ... I have seen a lot of wintery weddings where the bride and groom are both in white. I love the idea of keeping the groom ... read more
Photo Credit: Outlier
Photo Credit: Outlier Pin It
"May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun, And find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches Today, tomorrow and beyond." ~Irish Blessing In many cultures the butterfly is honored as a symbol of positive transformation and rebirth. Including butterfly imagery in your wedding ... read more
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Ideas for Fun and Creative DIY Wedding Photo Booths What wedding trend are more and more brides and grooms having fun with? Photo Booths! Having a photo booth at your reception is a fun way to get guests to interact with each other and is a great activity that guests can do during the cocktail hour, while th... read more