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I once read in a magazine that all guests really want is a favor they can eat, and, after a moment of picturing my Great Aunt holding a shot glass with "Bottoms up!  Jay and Renee  July 2010" engraved on it, I realized that that was pretty good advice. I did a web search and quickly found out that ... read more
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Q: My fiancé is a non-practicing Mormon and I never have been. I know he probably would not feel comfortable drinking alcohol at our wedding in front of his Mormon family. I want champagne at my wedding but do not want to offend my fiance's family. Is it rude to have the champagne? A: Very perceptive ... read more
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The weeks leading up to your wedding day can be exhausting. Late nights of preparing seating charts, tying the perfect bows on favors and making all of those last minute phone calls can leave any bride sleep deprived and stressed. How could anyone look beaming and rested after 346 seating chart attempts of... read more
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I have recently noticed more and more floral embellishments on wedding dresses. It’s not a new trend, but designers are finding new and different ways to integrate flowers into their gowns. Take a look! Should you choose a floral-inspired gown, consider coordinatin... read more

Wedding Advent Garland

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Photo Credit: Julie Ree
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As with most special dates or events, as they draw closer it's always fun to start a countdown.  Why not have a countdown to your wedding date!?  I recently came across this Christmas advent garland on Julie Ree's blog and thought it would be a super cute way to count the days left until your wedding day. ... read more