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I am almost 30 days from my wedding so it is CRUNCH time!! I actually went to a wedding today and it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The wedding colors were pink and brown ... but more pink than brown. It took me back to when Erik and I were discussing wedding color choices. We are getting married on the be... read more
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Q: We have been invited to a reaffirmation of wedding vows. There will be a ceremony and sit-down dinner reception. I do not know what is appropriate for a gift (if at all). This couple has been married for 30 years and really does not need anything, so I do not know if we are expected to give them a ... read more
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No matter how big or small your wedding may be, the guests in attendance are an important aspect of your day.  These are the people who you will be surrounded by during this amazing experience.  That being said ... you’ll want to make sure they’re happy and comfortable. Right? Here are some ideas that m... read more
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If you haven’t yet stumbled upon Hey Lady’s anti-wedding wedding shoes, then prepare to get excited! They are adorable! Hey Lady LLC, based in San Francisco, is the brainchild of twins Emily and Jessica Leung, who claim to deliver “the one and only tongue-in-chic, comfortable wedding shoe.” ... read more
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There are many ways to have a budget friendly wedding. One wonderful and inexpensive way is to use the old, classic and vintage Mason jar in your wedding decor. Many of us grew up with Mason jars as a commodity in our grandma’s kitchen pantry. We are used to seeing these lovely jars filled with delightful j... read more