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Q: My husband and I have been married for four and a half years, and we have just purchased a home. Is it alright to have a house warming party? My grandmother says when we got married that the shower gifts were enough. Others have said it is perfectly fine to have a house warming party as long as someone... read more
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This vibrant color combination—fuchsia & French blue—came to me from one of my best friends. She was married in September at her family’s cottage off Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, Ind. The pink and blue hues accentuated the clear blue sky and lake, which was the perfect backdrop for her reception on t... read more

Happy Soles

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Happy feet are a  must on your wedding day!  If you’re like me and absolutely cannot spend a day in heels, I hope this post will ease your pain ... literally. There are many gals out there who can easily walk in six inch heels ... or at least make it look easy.  All I can say is 'Rock on Ladies!'... read more
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One thing that I love about handmade gifts is that they are very personal and very sweet. A handmade gift always has a story to tell and to be remembered.  When giving gifts to the wedding party, think about giving handmade gifts instead of purchased goods from a retail store. A handmade gift shows more ... read more
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As you get closer to your wedding, and you have figured out all of the details for your venue, your guests and most importantly your wedding attire, now it's time to think about getting your groom something special. Every bride wants to give him something unforgettable, something that will calm his nerves an... read more