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One of the best ideas that I’ve seen for wedding invitations, by far, is to have custom wedding invitations printed on WOOD! This is such a unique idea for wedding invitations that everyone will absolutely love and will surely be remembered! These are wonderful invitations that would be ideal for an eco-fri... read more

Erin & Luigi

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This week we have another beautiful wedding from our featured photographer John LoConte.  Erin and Luigi had a beautiful winter wedding in Salem, Ma. Every part of this couple's special day was planned to perfection - everything fit in with the classic vintage look and feel.  From the cer... read more
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How many times do we ask to be excused to go to the Ladies Room at a formal event? At least twice, right!? So, why not carry your beautiful reception decor over to the restroom? Here are some unique ideas to help you decorate such an unconventional space... ... read more
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One of my fiancé' and I's main concerns is making sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed at our wedding. This meant picking a place that's easy to get to (even if you have to fly in or drive a distance), having the reception at a hotel so no one has to worry about drinking and driving, making sure eve... read more
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Q: My wife and I were married a month ago in Thailand while we were teaching there and did not have family or friends to celebrate with at that time.  We have since returned to Canada where my wife's parents have suggested a late reception.  We will be leaving for Taiwan in 3 months and will be unable t... read more