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Photo Credit: Jamie Collins Photography, Flowers Jessica's Coutry Flowers
Photo Credit: Jamie Collins Photography, Flowers Jessica's Coutry Flowers Pin It
As I was reading some posts by the incredibly talented blogger, Abby Larson, of Style Me Pretty, I came across a very exciting thing – a team of fabulous vendors from New England are giving away a wedding – for TWO very deserving couples planning to get married in 2011. All you have to do is fi... read more
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One of the most romantic things that a couple can do for their wedding invitations is to hire a calligrapher for their invitation envelopes.  A wedding is one of the few occasions in life where couples can splurge on ideal invitation embellishments.  Handwritten calligraphy on a wedding invitation... read more
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As a recent bride and someone completely obsessed with weddings, I’ve attended my fair share of bridal shows and events, and one of the best, if not THE best in my opinion is the New York Weddings Event, which occurs every spring in New York City. From the atmosphere, to the quality of the vendors, to the g... read more
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There are many ways to have a DIY wedding, and one of those ways is to get creative with cork! Cork is such a lovely product, it is versatile in the ways people can use it for household and craft projects, and it is eco friendly. Here are just a few ways that any bride can create DYI projects to make her ... read more
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Q: I am ready to address my wedding invitations.  Do I put my cousin’s and her boyfriend’s name on the outer envelope? They do not live together, but I want her to know that he is invited. A: Since they do not live together, you would put your cousin’s name on the outer envelope and both their ... read more