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Cute Cover-Ups

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wedding fashion
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Whether you need it for a wedding in chilly weather or you're simply looking to add some excitement to your wedding fashion, cute cover-ups are the way to go!  Our finds today are yet another example of why Wedding Window loves Etsy.  All of the items below are sold at different Etsy shops. From simple a... read more
wedding bands
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Being a big fan of Madonna, I could hardly resist the temptation to incorporate this song into this post.  Not only are the introductory lyrics cute and romantic (“Hey mister DJ/put a record on/I wanna dance with my baby”), but it makes for a great segue to the discussion my friend and I had recently.  ... read more
country wedding
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The stars at night... are big and BRIGHT... deep in the heart of Texas (clap clap clap clap)! Ahhhh, what a fabulous song and an even more fabulous state. I love Texas. I love the southwest. I love cowboy boots and hats and all things old western related. I love George Straight. I love singing "Mendocino C... read more
orange wedding colors
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Two of my best friends got engaged last month, and thus begins the fun of helping them plan! The biggest difference I have noticed between them and myself is their indecisiveness on colors. (Admittedly, I knew my colors before I had the ring.) One of my girls has chosen to get married in the gardens of Mix... read more
music wedding theme
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Your wedding should, without a doubt, be a reflection of who you are as a couple. So, where does your wedding planning start and how do you put together a wedding that is distinctive to the two of you? Start simple. What are you both passionate about? Take something that you share a love for ... and run ... read more