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What Makes Me Happy Book
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As we all know, planning a wedding can get slightly stressful and somewhat overwhelming at times. When things get a bit crazy in our lives, it can be quite beneficial to our state-of-mind to have a reminder of the little things that make us happy each day. I saw the idea for a ‘What Made Me Happy To... read more
Wedding Day Hair
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A bad hair day is every girl’s worst nightmare, especially on her wedding day.  Stress, fatigue and unpredictable weather conditions on your big day can do a number on your do.  With your wedding right around the corner, now is the perfect time for some hair TLC. A Brazilian Keratin Treatment is an aff... read more
photo: Gold Expressions
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Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey" make mention of gold as the glory of the immortals and a sign of wealth among ordinary humans. Today, we mere mortals are still in awe of its allure and treasure its value. Especially as we see its value skyrocket in the stock market. Jewelry today, for the most part, is no... read more