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DIY wedding
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Calling all die-hard DIY brides! If you love DIY projects and are planning a DIY wedding ... this post may be for you. I love the idea of including handmade projects in your wedding day. It gives a nice personal touch and can often save you some serious cash. Today I’d like to share some ideas, inspir... read more
Photo Credit: Foundling
Photo Credit: Foundling Pin It
We’re excited to announce the winner of WedLoft’s Foundling Jewelry Giveaway! The lucky person to receive the earrings below was chosen at random from the comments on last week's Foundling Giveaway post ... Congratulations April Swieconek!  You're the winner of the foundling jewelry giveaway and w... read more
unique wedding cakes
Photo credit: Pin It I decided to scour the internet in search of the world's most unusual wedding cake. While this may not sound like much fun to many of you, I am about as easily amused as a three year old!  But that's beside the point.  I was truly amazed at the plethora of, what you might call, "anti-wedding cak... read more
platinum wedding jewelry
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Did you know meteorites contain platinum?  The earliest recorded meteorite dates back 2 billion years.  Since then platinum has been seen throughout history. In the Louvre sits a casket in Egyptian Hierogliphics out of platinum which dates to about 700 BC.  Some artifacts were discovered in Pre-columbia... read more
wedding details
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This week's Macro Monday featured photographer is Meg Perotti.  Meg has been shooting weddings for 6 years, originally working out of Los Angeles but recently settled in the Bay Area, and is currently entering another busy wedding season.  She absolutely loves her clients ... and all things pretty! The p... read more