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wedding details
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What seems to be the most memorable thing for guests at a wedding is not what they ate, what time of the year it was or the flowers. The most memorable things at weddings are the unexpected things. This may sound odd at first.  But think about what makes a wedding stand out from the rest ... INDIVIDUALITY. I... read more
wedding flowers
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Spring is the perfect time to think about all the gorgeous flowers brides can choose to make their wedding beautiful and unique.  I’ve been so happy to see crocuses and tulips sprouting in the parks around town, and I know the daffodils and rose bushes aren’t far behind.  This reminds me that the possib... read more
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If you’re looking to add lots of custom elements to your wedding day, DIY projects are a good way to go. They allow you to make what you want, the way you want it. We recently came across this post for DIY Ties on and thought it could be very helpful for DIY couples who are interested in... read more
South Asian Wedding
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From time immemorial, Indian bridal wear has given prestige to the color red. Red is a symbol of auspiciousness in the Hindu religion and thought to bring the happy couple joy and prosperity. For this reason, most brides choose this stunning and traditional color on their special day. As times have cha... read more