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wedding photography
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This week's Macro Monday featured photographer is Kelty Luber of Steep Street. Kelty is a talented photographer/designer based in Portland, OR who shoots weddings, portraits and other events. Like most people who follow their dreams and do what they're passionate about for a living, Kelty LOVES her job! ... read more
Wedding details
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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... and a sixpence in her shoe!?! For hundreds of years, brides have been honoring the tradition of wearing a sixpence in their shoe on their wedding day to bless the marriage with wealth and prosperity. Embarrassingly enough, I had never hea... read more
Button bouquet
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Buttons ... They're a great way to add a some cute and playful appeal to your wedding details! With an endless amount of button colors, sizes and materials out there, you can get very creative with the use of buttons in your wedding.  Take your most simple and plain wedding detail, add one or more of these ... read more
Bride & Groom
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So last week I wrote about the band vs. DJ debate many brides deal with.  It’s an important decision and there are many things to consider when deciding whether to have a band or a DJ provide the music at a wedding reception.  It seemed fitting that this week I’d give you some thoughts on my favorite (a... read more
custom bridesmaid dresses
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Can’t seem to find a bridesmaid dress that fits all your girls’ body types and personalities? Try designing your bridesmaids’ dresses with Lynn Lugo. Various fabrics are offered (colors and patterns), as well as options like a wide sash, flower pin, contrasting midsection, ruffle hem trim and... read more