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Kelly Goode of Capture Photography is this week's Macro Monday featured photographer.  Growing up with a passion for photography, Kelly decided to turn her passion into a career 13 years ago when she began studying photography in school. Her work is a combination of fine art and photojournalist approaches wh... read more
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Old, Dusty, Vintage, Shinny. However you want to say it silverware is beautiful ... especially that dirty and vintage kind. If you’re a bride who’s having a low-key backyard wedding (which is always a winner, because they’re not so formal and more carefree) than you may consider some unconventional ... read more
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I recently came across a website that made me smile ... and inspired me to look at the world a little bit differently. I thought it would be perfect to share with all of you brides and grooms out there. The website is thx thx thx: a thank you note a day. On this site Leah Dieterich writes thank you notes to,... read more
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The web is a powerful tool for the bride-to-be. You’re scouting out photographers and florists while connecting with your bridesmaids on Facebook; you’re reading blogs for ideas and inspiration, and you’re talking with other brides on message boards as you look forward to the big day. Why not let the... read more
wedding photography
Photo Credit: Roman Grinev Photography Pin It
var noskimwords = 'true'; Roman Grinev Photography is a wedding photography studio based in the Washington DC area. They operate from studios in Bethesda, Baltimore and Annapolis. Roman Grinev Photography documents weddings unobtrusively as the beautiful moments of the day naturally unfold. This approach, ... read more