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As a graphic designer, I absolutely love typography (aka: Fonts)! One of the most exciting moments in an artist’s design career is when she/he gets to design their wedding invitations! Most brides and grooms also look forward to designing their wedding invitations! It is the perfect time for brides and g... read more
destination wedding
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Q: We are planning to get married overseas. The problem is that one of my fiancé’s siblings keeps telling us that it is our responsibility to pay for airfare and lodging for "family" for the whole time "according to their etiquette manual!" We do not have the means to pay for everyone's hotel or for ... read more
Bridal bouquets
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We recently designed bouquets to suit 6 very different brides for a bridal photo shoot. Each bride had a specific theme/style which included Rocker, Grecian, Trendy, Vintage, Simple Chic, and Modern. Once the themes were in place, we built the gown choice, hair, makeup, jewelry, flowers and photo shoot locati... read more
wedding pictures
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Whether it evokes childhood memories of summers spent by the shore, a favorite beach vacation, or the place your fiancé first proposed ... there is something irresistible about a color palette inspired by the sea.  Which makes a nautical theme the perfect choice for any wedding! ... read more
Wedding beauty products
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Summer weddings can present some interesting beauty challenges.  The heat and humidity can lead to frizzy hair and shiny skin – two things no bride wants to deal with.  Even if your wedding is held entirely indoors, the warm sunny weather in the months leading up to your wedding can result in sunburns and... read more