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DIY Wedding
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Once engaged, many of the crafty people out there jump right into diy mode ... Yipee! I’m getting married! I will make EVERYTHING for my wedding!!! I understand how easy it is to fall into the make-it-myself-mindset. I often suffer from this in everyday life - Oooh, I love that! I want it! Should I bu... read more
wedding rings
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So, with all the buzz about alternative metals, stainless steel and titanium are making their way into the hearts and minds of some couples.  Well, okay… mostly men.  The fascination of “alternative” metals is alluring.   They are lighter weight, fairly sturdy and inexpensive.  They are... read more
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Cupcakes are becoming more and more commonplace at weddings (especially at urban affairs) and I just LOVE when they are decorated with little flags! There are so many options out there for adding pizazz to your cupcakes...from patterned holders to fancy stands to my personal favorite: CUPCAKE FLAGS! Cu... read more