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bright fall wedding details
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What I wouldn't give to have been a guest at this wedding.  I love everything about it...from the adorable black & white details to the sparkly stilettos worn by the bride.  I really only have one word for this event ... FABULOUS!  Enough of my ranting ... decide for yourselves!  Here's a sneak peek i... read more
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I got married on a beach because my husband and I absolutely love the ocean. My second favorite choice for a wedding location would have to be in the forest. I can just imagine the cool forest air, sunlight softly filtering through the leaves, soft moss underground and the sound of birds in the background. ... read more

DIY Ring Pillows

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wedding ring pillows
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Martha...Martha...Martha.  Martha Stewart that is!  Is there anything that woman can't do?!  I find myself perusing her websites, books and magazines on a regular basis.  Hey, if you are as domestically challenged as I am... you need all of the help you can get!  I came across these super cute DIY ring p... read more
colorful wedding dresses
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Do you have to wear a white wedding dress on your wedding day?  Of course not! Every bride should be absolutely in love with her gown.  If you love color, then you should feel comfortable enough to express yourself with a colorful wedding dress. Here are some beautiful, colorful wedding dresses to peek y... read more