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wedding silhouettes
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If you're a big fan of silhouettes, like might want to consider incorporating them into your wedding theme.  Silhouette details are super easy to find and they can add a special touch to pretty much anything...from your wedding cake, favors, invitations, place settings, and other decor! ... read more
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As a florist, it should pain me to say this, but here goes: some brides just aren't into flowers. They never were the girly-girl type to swoon over a Valentine's Day bouquet nor have they had their bouquet picked out since they were 16...Yes, in fact, these not-fond-of-flowers brides do exist, and I have even... read more
wedding cake toppers
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I'm not generally a fan of the word "trend." While I understand that there are wiser people in fashion-related industries who seem to have insights akin to a crystal ball (the "this blue was chosen for you" scene from The Devil Wears Prada comes to mind), I'm not crazy about the idea of styling something b... read more
argyle wedding details
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If you love everything preppy ... like will be very happy to know that ARGYLE is back!  Especially for weddings!  So, to all you Biffs and Buffys out there ... it's time to get your preppy on!  However, like any bold pattern, it should be used in small doses.  Too much of anything can be bad.  D... read more
engagement pictures
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Maranda Lambrich of Evoke Images is this week's Featured Photographer. Maranda is based out of St. Louis, MO, and is available for travel locally and internationally. Here is a little bit from the photographer herself ... Maranda: Photographing couples-in-love is my passion. I am an old-school Romantic... read more