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engagement pictures
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Weddings are such a wonderful day in a couple’s life that every engaged couple wants to make their wedding more personable and unique than the last. Here is one wedding idea that is budget friendly and truly unique. Incorporating paper planes into your wedding! This is a very unique idea which integrate... read more

Gladys & Rey

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wedding photography
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Another Monday ... how time flies! Lets start this week off  with an amazing wedding photographer and some gorgeous wedding photos ... Shall we?  Melissa Brandman, this week's Featured Photographer, is the owner and head photographer of a boutique wedding photography studio based in Seal Beach California, s... read more

Shrug Those Shoulders!

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Morning frost on the ground and a chilly breeze in the air can only mean one thing; winter is soon approaching. With winter comes frigid temperatures and let’s face it, not many wedding dresses are exceptionally suited for the colder months. But there is no reason you have to sacrifice your wardrobe or your... read more
professional wedding photography
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Photography is one of those things that seems like everyone dabbles a bit in and quite a few people nowadays own very high quality digital cameras. In an attempt to save money, there is a new trend among brides of having a friend or family member take their wedding photos. While this may initially sound l... read more
sweetheart table
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You may have seen them before, but weren't exactly sure what they were called... A Sweetheart Table is a great way to keep an intimate, sophisticated ambiance to your wedding.  My husband and I chose to have a sweetheart table for our wedding for several reasons: The theme of our wedding was "... read more