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Stephanie & Huey

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wedding photos
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I always like to see couples from different backgrounds include their traditions in their wedding day.  Stephanie and Huey did just that and photographer Mary Kate McKenna was there to capture it all! Mary Kate is based in the Washington, DC area but traveled to South Chesterton, Indiana for Stephanie and Hu... read more
wedding decor
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I LOVE balloons!  As long as they are not attached to a clown ... clowns are creepy.  Sorry ... back to balloons ... actually glowing balloons!  I found this glowing balloon idea on Ok, Now What Bride.  All you need is some helium balloons and LED lights (both of which can be purchased at a party store or... read more
cute centerpieces
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Whether planning a bridal shower, an engagement party or a wedding, every party needs a beautiful centerpiece. Choosing your centerpieces can be quite stressful ... especially if you have a tight budget, time line, and/or color theme. A great DIY idea, coming from Ruffled Blog, is to use ... read more
football themed wedding
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Planning your wedding is one time when you want to show your guests who you truly are as a couple.  One way to express your personalities is to showcase one of your interests in your wedding ... either in subtle or not so subtle ways.  My fiance and I both love football, and are trying to incorporate our lo... read more