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wedding details
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I just stumbled upon a super cool open-source art robot that can draw custom designs on spherical or egg-shaped objects. Not just for egg decorating, the Eggbot can draw on all sorts of products. You could create your own designs to print on custom products for your wedding, such as ornaments to decorate with... read more

Sheila & Austin

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colorful wedding dresses
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Hilary, of Hilary Mercer Photography, is this weeks Featured Photographer!  Simply put, Hilary loves to take pictures of everything that is fun, exciting and lovely ... what better way to do that than photographing weddings?? Based in North Carolina, Hilary shoots all over the area and also travels for we... read more
wedding flower trends
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Many brides cringe when I mention the word "cascading" in any discussion about their potential bridal bouquet. But if you have a trendy, cutting-edge florist, there should be no reason to cringe and dismiss the idea of a little dangle in your bouquet. Today's cascading bouquet is nothing like the "presentatio... read more

Kelly & Matt

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engagement photos
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A sweet engagement ... Matt's parents own a ranch where they held a summer camp for children.  The couple met while Kelly was the EMT on staff.  Since the ranch was where they first met, they thought it would be the perfect place to have their engagement photos shot! Perfect is right!  The ranch is an ... read more
wedding etiquette
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Q: I just received and invitation for the wedding of a work colleague. He is not a close friend and even our work relationship is a bit distant.  I do not plan to attend the wedding.  Is a gift necessary for this wedding? What should I do? A: You really should send at least a small token of your este... read more