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wedding shower ideas
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Crossword Puzzles are a great way to keep your guests entertained at a bridal shower or farewell brunch.  You can have them customized to include several fun family facts or questions unique to the bride and groom.  You can also have prizes (favors) for the table who is the first to complete the puzzle.  T... read more
We are super excited to be included in Perfect Bridal's 2011 Best Wedding Blog Contest!  WedLoft has been chosen to stand among a wonderful group of Perfect Bridal's favorite wedding blogs included in the contest. Be sure to VOTE for WedLoft in the contest to help out an amazing charity and for your chanc... read more
saphire engagement rings
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Sapphires ... not just blue ... not just September's birthstone ... not just the symbolic gemstone for the fifth and 45th wedding anniversaries. And thanks to the late Princess Diana's choice of an 18-carat sapphire engagement ring following her betrothal to Prince Charles in 1981, and now Kate Middleton... read more
wedding napkins
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A beautifully folded napkin can dress up any tablescape.  So if you're wedding budget isn't conducive to extravagant and costly centerpieces, consider having your dinner napkins folded in a unique or special way.  Great idea ... but who is going to fold all of those lovely napkins?!  Well, you could assign... read more