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armadillo cake
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Everyone remembers the classic tearjerker ‘Steel Magnolias.’ One of my favorites scenes in the movie is when actress Shirley Maclaine cuts into the classic armadillo groom’s cake ... An armadillo shaped cake made out of red velvet is a cult classic and to this day many brides and grooms embrace the idea... read more

Jennifer & Devin

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pink wedding bouquets
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Longing for a wedding venue that was classic, elegant and romantic ... Jennifer and Devin knew that Newport, RI was the perfect location for their wedding.  The stunning ocean-side city is filled with many beautiful sites for weddings and they were sure they'd find a venue that would be just right for their ... read more
wedding tents
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Some people like them, other people can do without. I happen to absolutely love them! ... I'm talking about the use of tents for an outdoor wedding reception. Transform the space under your tent to become anything you want! You can incorporate beautiful outdoor seating complete with two end tables and ... read more
bridesmaid bouquets
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One of the hottest floral trends this season is to have bridesmaid bouquets that don't match. Whether they are different combinations of similar flowers or completely different bouquets that just share the same color scheme ... not matching your bridesmaids bouquets has never been more chic. ... read more