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Make the Shower a Couples Affair

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co-ed wedding shower
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Gone are the days of the groom picking up his tux and simply showing up at the ceremony on time. More men are taking active roles in the wedding planning process, and thus more couples are looking for ways to celebrate together. The traditional shower - complete with tea, petit fours, and orange blossoms - is... read more
extravagant wedding decor
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If you think you can't pull off an indoor garden wedding, this may make you think again. I ran across this beautiful garden inspired indoor wedding ceremony and reception.  I was speechless as I looked at the photos.  I mean I knew a lot could be done with lighting and the right decor, but I had no idea ... read more

Kristin & Darin

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green wedding details
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Soft and sweet, local and handmade - Kristin and Darin's wedding was filled with details that spoke to what is important to them as a couple. Michelle from Under Grace Photo sent us these gorgeous photos from their wedding day ... Kristin: "When planning our wedding, Darin and I remained as local, vint... read more
wedding rings
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Q: After I am married, does my engagement ring or my wedding ring go on my hand first? My aunt swears to me that the engagement ring goes on and then the band. But I wear the band closest to my heart and my engagement ring in front of it. Which one of us is right? A: Well, in a way, you are both corre... read more
pedicure boots
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Introducing pedicure-friendly boots!  If you are tired of traipsing around town in flip-flops in the dead of winter, but want to protect those newly polished tootsies of yours ... this could be your solution!  Bootie Pies are the FIRST (and only) pedicure-friendly boots that provide the warmth that flip-f... read more