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The Royal Wedding

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royal wedding 2011
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All morning we’ve been keeping track of the Royal Wedding, watching live feed and reviewing the highlights … We simply can’t get enough! The couple was beaming throughout the event and have us absolutely infatuated with their wedding. Of course it was no surprise to see the new Duchess of Cam... read more
mismatched bridesmaids
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I am all for breaking tradition, so I thought, "How creative can you be with giving your bridesmaids something different to carry down the aisle?"  Well, little did I know, the answer was VERY creative! Have you ever thought about carrying a clutch down the aisle?  When I saw these beautiful photos o... read more

Betty & Jason

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Photo Credit: Relive Photography
Photo Credit: Relive Photography Pin It
Soon after they were engaged, Betty and Jason began the search for the perfect location to have their engagement photos taken.  Having met in medical school, they wanted a location that incorporated a feeling of books and learning.  What better place for the shoot than the Boston Public Library? They met... read more
wedding thank you card
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Money Thanks ... Q: My fiancé and I are moving overseas right after we get married, so we expect the bulk of our gifts to be money. How do we thank our guests for their generosity? Do we specify the amount given? Do we say it went into a fund for household items or try to match an item to the value? ... read more
mini wedding cakes
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Weddings can be repetitive. They always have the same elements - floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes etc. Because of this, couples are constantly trying their best to design an event that is exciting and different. Brides and grooms across the world want one thing and that is to m... read more