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gold wedding accessories
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One of our all-time-favorite EmersonMade accessories is the classic gold coin necklace. This lovely necklace comes in six different coin designs and is the perfect addition to any outfit! The simplicity of this darling trinket makes for a timeless necklace that can be worn continually without fail. Whi... read more
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In 1803, William Hyde Wollaston discovered palladium in South America. This discovery prompted him to name it after the asteroid, Pallas, which had only been discovered a couple years prior. Incidentally, the metal has close ties to Greek mythology since Athena accidentally killed the nymph, Pallas, and l... read more
Photo Credit: Imbue You
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Now announcing the winner who will receive 50 Thank You Cards from Imbue You!  The winner will be able to choose one of the three designs below and have it customized for their wedding. The winner is purplelarkspur. Congratulations! The winning comment that was submitted on 04/22/11 and selected ... read more
bridal party in white
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Although a fairly modern trend, the bride and bridesmaids wearing all white has captured the attention of many brides to be. This trend really has me intrigued.  I can still remember the 'rule' when attending a wedding ... Never wear white!  White was the color that has always been reserved f... read more

Tiffany & Michael

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baseball engagement photos
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Since Tiffany and Michael are both high school coaches in Pueblo, CO, they decided to do a baseball themed engagement shoot!  Here are the photos from the fabulous Sharon of Sharon Arnoldi Photography ... Tiffany's father grew up with the coach of the Colorado Rockies and since the couple was fami... read more