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bridesmaid boots
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Born and raised in Dallas, TX  and now residing in Seattle, WA ... I still have a huge appreciation for all things southern! When I think about a beautiful Texas wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is Cowboy/girl Boots. I absolutely adore this trend.  Cowboy Boots have become so Wester... read more
marriage and money
What’s the money story you grew up with? Did your parents give you a positive money education experience that has helped you prepare for and manage your finances today? Did you have excellent role models for money management growing up? Are you all set up with a real plan for combining and managing you... read more
hot pink groom attire
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Zach and Jody, the amazing husband and wife duo of Gray Photography, recently sent me photos from Scarlett and Stephen's stunning wedding in Jacksonville, Florida.  The wedding was held at Scarlett's mother's house with a backyard ceremony and tented reception. From the details to decor, this wedding was 100... read more
wedding gown
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With all the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding, many brides forget the small details of your wedding day. Of course, I am talking about the small details that you may not consider while caught up in planning the invitations, seating arrangements, decor, favors etc. Caring for your wedding dress i... read more
ticket wedding theme
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There's something kind of exciting about holding a ticket in your hand.  Don't you agree?  Remember that golden ticket that Charlie Bucket searched high and low for in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? It could be any kind of ticket...a movie ticket, concert ticket, amusement park ride ticket, or airline... read more