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Tiffiny & Jimmy

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There is not one thing about this wedding that I don't absolutely ADORE! It is so perfect and sweet. I'm sure you'll instantly fall in love too when you see these wedding photos by Claire Barett Photography! She did a wonderful job of capturing Tiffiny & Jimmy's wedding ... Claire: "The bride a... read more
my fair lady wedding
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Of all the romantic themes I have ever heard of for a wedding, the ‘My Fair Lady’  theme has got to be the most elegant, classic and ardent theme of all.  This wedding theme is based off the movie and musical play My Fair Lady, a total classic. The My Fair Lady wedding is an elegant affair ... read more
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I think vintage frames totally rock!  So, it makes perfect sense to me that many couples are incorporating them into their wedding decor.  Vintage frames can add that special design element to your venue...without breaking the bank.  You can find a plethora of frames at your local thrift store or flea mark... read more
kids wedding table
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Inviting children to your wedding, but have absolutely no idea how to keep them entertained? Check out the ideas I have compiled below. I hope these ideas I've come across prove to be helpful to you with planning interesting things for the kiddo's to do on your big day ... A carousel centerpiece with a... read more