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Green is a popular wedding color with summer brides.  Either used as the main wedding color or an accent color, green can brighten up a summer wedding!  Since peridot is the birthstone of August, I thought I share a little green etsy goodness with you! Click on any of the images to get to the etsy s... read more
custom soda bottle
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What better way to add a personal touch than to have your own custom label on bottles of soda for your wedding day? Jones Soda out of Seattle, WA will put your custom designed label on their unique flavored sodas.  Flavors like: Black Cherry, Vanilla, Pomegranate and Root Beer.  Be warned the sodas a... read more
wedding gift etiquette
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Q: We are having a reception for our son and his new bride (they were married in a different state a few months ago) and are coming here so that our friends can meet the new bride. We are hosting an informal reception for them in our church hall. Friends will be bringing gifts. Is it appropriate for the... read more
orange bouquets
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Sometimes wedding colors can be quite a bore. During “wedding season” many people attend weddings back to back. Guests of weddings might attend 2-3 weddings in a month during the normal spring to summer wedding season. Why not choose a wedding color palette that stands out? To mix things up a bit, try to... read more
wedding signs
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It is becoming more and more popular for couples to hang signs and use words throughout their wedding day.  Today's giveaway is from a lovely little shop that offers custom signs, chalkboards, monogram letters and more! Lynda opened her etsy shop, Sunday Treasures, in 2009 and business has been booming since... read more