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managing money
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You’re planning your dream wedding. You don’t want to think about money and finances. But what’s the number one cause of relationship breakdown? Money –more than sex and crazy in-laws put together. Fights, arguments, power struggles...all over money. I’m here to help you avoid those conflicts an... read more
Photo Credit: Natalie Briggs
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It came as no surprise that Natalie's Swarovski Crystal Garter with Blue Bow Set giveaway was a hit with our brides!  Her garters are beautifully made by hand and include such stunning detail! The winner of this last week's contest has been selected.  Find out who will be wearing the lovely garter on her we... read more
funky wedding cakes
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Tired of the same 'ole white wedding cake?  Maybe you want something that shows off you and your future spouse's creativity or uniqueness.  Why not express yourself with your wedding cake? Don’t be afraid to do something that fits your personality, after all it’s your day and as long as you lov... read more

Grace & Brian

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orange wedding
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Today we have a lovely and intimate wedding ceremony from Cecilia Flaming Photography to share with you!  Grace and Brian planned a beautiful ceremony at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver.  This stunning location was perfect for their ceremony.  Afterwards, Cecilia and the wedding party walk... read more
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It seems funny to plan your entire wedding using a fruit as the inspiration. However, since the watermelon is a colorful and cute fruit, I can understand it. Summer is the perfect time or a watermelon themed wedding. To start, think about the colors. Pink and green easily work for a watermelon theme... read more