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You’re planning your dream wedding. Chances are you have a budget for your wedding (let’s hope). How often do you chat about the budget or any of your finances with your financé? Is it a pleasant experience — one you both look forward to or do you avoid it like the plague?Regardless of your own... read more
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Inspired by pink color pairings, we decided to try out a beautiful palette of pink, dark taupe, gold and crisp white for our contemporary rooftop reception. To achieve a modern vibe we used square tables, square plates, and contemporary clean-lines vases. The linens were integral in achieving the look we ... read more
movie themed wedding
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With my husband being in the film industry, I have to be honest ... I seriously thought about having a movie themed wedding in an old theater - with popcorn and all!  We ended up not going with the movie theme, but if we had ... these are some of the inspiration photo's we would have used ...I adore ... read more