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Tying It All Together

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pink wedding bouquet
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I happen to love velvet ribbon. I can’t explain it. It just appeals to me. Velvet is luxurious, expensive and festive.  In a search to find a way tie velvet ribbon into wedding décor, I decided on tying ribbon to your wedding bouquet! Velvet makes such a lovely final touch to a bouquet. It’s a wedding a... read more
pink wedding details
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This month’s etsy eye candy post is all about pink!  One of October’s birthstones is Pink Tourmaline, a light pink stone, so I’ve rounded up some pink wedding goodies from Etsy. But first, I must say ... I am not a pink person.  For some unknown reason, whenever I think of light pink as a weddi... read more

Emily & Travis

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wedding dress
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Today's Ohio wedding was sent to us by one of our favorite photographers, the wonderful Alysse Gafkjen! We've shared a few gorgeous events shot by Alysse in the past (here, here, here and here) and are always excited to see new photos from her! The pictures below are from Travis and Emily's wedding in Columbu... read more
Photo Credit: RainbowsFlowerShop via flickr
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Without custom details and unique decor, weddings can seem very similar. This is especially true if you attend a few weddings with the same color scheme, flowers and the same church setting. Think about doing something different ... like adding more green into your wedding celebration! Different types ... read more
wedding stationery giveaway
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Custom stationery is always a fun detail to tie into your wedding and surprise your guests with. So, why stop with your save the dates and invitations? Many couples focus on their pre-wedding stationery and let their thank you cards slide. When you've worked so hard to plan your custom event, it should show t... read more