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Michael Kiwanuka Playlist
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Happy Friday my lovelies! If you've had a busy week and are planning to unwind for the weekend, I have to introduce you to the songs of Michael Kiwanuka, a fellow with a beautiful voice! Whether you're looking for background music while cooking a romantic dinner with your soon-to-be hubby or a few tune... read more

Jennifer & Matt

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Atlanta engagement shoot
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Scheduling an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer is a great idea. My guess is that the majority of people out there are not used to having a professional photographer around snapping pictures all day. I'm certainly not! Doing an engagement shoot with the same photographer that will be doing your ... read more
funny wedding pictures
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Heather & Grayson are the amazing duo behind Jagger Photography - a wonderful company that shoots gorgeous wedding photography! Get to know them here. I recently came across a blog post from Jagger Photography that highlighted their second annual Floppy Awards! Heather & Grayson pull out some of their... read more
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// So your wedding plans are underway and you’re starting to think about the wedding shower and creating your registry. We know it can be stressful trying to decide what items to add! With all of your energy going into your wedding plans you don’t have time to stress about creating your registry and what ... read more
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The Liquid Courage giveaway is now closed and the winner has been selected!! The lucky lady who won will have the choice between a set of 5 custom flasks or 100 customized liquor labels. These prizes would be perfect for wedding party gifts or reception favors! The winner of the giveaway contest fr... read more