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Linda & Billy

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blue wedding shoes
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Today we have a beautiful Asian themed wedding in Pasadena, CA from Carrie Chow Photography. Linda and Billy combined modern tradition along with their family's cultural traditions throughout the day. Take a look! Carrie: Linda and Billy were married at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, CA and their... read more
dyed roses
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As a bride, I am sure you look at bridal magazines and websites and find bouquets and flowers that you are just not a fan of. Florists feel the same way...except we know of far more flower varieties so we usually hate even more of them than the average person! Here is a list of flowers that I am not a ... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
Since custom signs are one of my favorite wedding details, I'd like to share a tutorial for making your own DIY wedding signs! If you want a wedding sign that will pop out a little more than a flat painted sign, this DIY project might be the perfect fit for you! I've always been a fan of String and Nail ar... read more
hot pink wedding shoes
Photo Credit: Cory Ryan Photography Pin It
Cory Ryan Photography recently sent over Alison and Sean's beautiful Texas wedding. With lovely details, lights sparkling throughout the event, a loving couple and a super fun send off... this wedding won me over right away.  Take a peek at some of the photos from the wedding day! Cory: Allison an... read more
purple wedding shoes
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When it comes to customizing your wedding attire, one of the best options for your feet is dyeable shoes!  It’s an awful feeling to fall in love with a pair of shoes only to learn that they aren’t sold in the color you’re looking for! Dyeable shoes are perfect because you are able to choose the style y... read more