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wedding color palettes
Photo Credit: André Gonçalves Pin It
When I first saw this photo by André Gonçalves I thought... No way.  Those levels of blue pools are stunning!  Is this real life?  Does this place actually exist on planet earth?  And, if so (to quote Tina Fey or shall I say Liz Lemon)... I want to go to there. Upon further research I learned... read more
short wedding dresses
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At the moment, I have a major obsession with short wedding dresses. They're just so playful and charming! Whether worn for a vintage inspired wedding, an elegant affair or a backyard ceremony, they are at the top of my list. My three favorite things about them?.... 1) They are down right adorable 2) They a... read more
Mason Jar Wedding Favors
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The use of mason jars in weddings has become wildly popular! Couples are using them in all different aspects of their weddings from centerpieces and decor to drinking glasses... it's all been covered.  What surprises me is that there seems to be an endless amount of ways to customize, embellish and utilize t... read more
custom leather cuff bracelets
Photo Credit: Michelle Verbeeck Pin It
Time to announce the winners of the His and Hers Leather Cuffs giveaway from Michelle Verbeeck!!  Two lucky winners will each receive a personalized set from Custom Leather Jewelry! The first winner is Cerena-Leigh. Congratulations! The winning comment that was submitted on 08/20/12 and selected in a... read more