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Happy Halloween Everyone!!  We decided to celebrate this super fun holiday with a fabulous alternative guestbook giveaway contest!  Dazzling Expressions is an Etsy shop filled with so many sweet wedding details - table numbers, favor bags, groomsmen gifts and more! GIVEAWAY DETAILS: One winner will r... read more

Lacie & Aaron

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Photo Source • Studio Sequoia Pin It
Ladies, I'm sure you'll agree with me... having a photographer in place for a surprise proposal is SUCH a great idea.  This is a huge moment in any couple's life.  To have it documented in photos is the ultimate way to remember it forever! These photos by Studio Squoia of Aaron's proposal to his unsuspec... read more
In the season of superstition, let's take a look back at the best wedding ring urban legends. Wealth The wedding ring goes far beyond “I'm yours” symbolism.  At one point, only women were allowed to wear wedding rings.  Women wore the rings that their husbands bought them as symbols of their husband... read more

Mailena & Justin

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It always makes me happy to hear about a couple's friends and family all helping out to make the wedding day special.  Mailena and Justin were lucky to have the people they love supporting them at their Arkansas wedding by designing the invitations, arranging florals and assisting with set up on the day of.... read more