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Lisa & Chad

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Librarian meets RollerGirl... what-now? When I heard that Lisa and Chad's fun and unique wedding was dubbed "The Barbarian and the Bombshell" I was immediately intrigued and couldn't wait to see the photos from Cadence Cornelius Photographs! I love when couples decide to take it one step further than custom d... read more

Tara & Joe

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Photo Source • Studio 563 Pin It
Any wedding that has dreamy lighting with paper lanterns and twinkle lights always grabs my attention!  Tara and Joe's Texas wedding at Kindred Oaks was absolutely lovely.  With soft pink and white florals and delicate details, this wedding was as sweet as can be.  The always wonderful Studio 563 was there... read more
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One thing I hear over and over from engaged couples is that they have a difficult time finding a list of wedding love songs to play at their event.  Whether they are looking for first dance songs, ceremony or reception music, many have a hard time coming up with songs they haven't heard at every wedding they... read more
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Wedding details, decor and gift giveaways are always fun and can allow you to include additional touches to your day that you otherwise would not have been able to afford. But, when there are giveaways for your must have wedding items, it can be a HUGE help to open up your wedding budget for other items. A... read more