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Beth & Brody

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Photographers Jeremy and Kristin are here today sharing a recent engagement shoot they did with Beth and Brody.  This is a very sweet couple with an adorable story about how they met.  Kristin will fill you in... Kristin:  These two are simply gems. Beth and Brody met one summer while working together... read more

Emerald Green Wedding Shoes

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Ever since Pantone officially named Emerald the color of the year for 2013, I've been seeing it everywhere.  From design to home decor and even fashion.  You can find emerald additions to your life from top to bottom... and quite literally, head to toe. Today I've rounded up some of my favorite green kic... read more

Wedding Etiquette 2/26/13

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Wedding Announcements Q:  What is the best way to announce a wedding? My husband and I were married last month in a private ceremony.  We now want to send announcements that we have been married, just as you would to announce a birth. I am having difficulty finding anything as such, please advise. A: Con... read more