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Engraved Wedding Bands

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Engraved wedding bands are a lot like promises that are usually made to your special someone. Before you set your engraving in metal, here are just a few styles and ideas to consider. Short and Sweet :  There's an entire array of messages to choose from. An obvious choice would be romantic engravings... read more
Photo Source • Amanda Watson Pin It
This past week here in New England we've been hit with a wall of snow and cold weather.  So to warm my spirits, and hopefully yours too, I went in search of a pretty palette to do the trick!  If you're looking for a bright, playful color palette for your wedding, neon wedding colors are the way to go.  The... read more

Rebecca & Matt

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Annie Agarwal Photography recently sent us photos from a Florida engagement shoot she did with Rebecca and Matt.  The trio had a wonderful time bouncing around to different locations for different backdrops to their shoot and were excited to share the resulting photos with us here on WedLoft! Annie: Rebe... read more
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Hello my loves!  Happy V-Day!  Since this is a day dedicated to love, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some items that highlight (that's right!) the HEART!  There is certainly no shortage of handmade items that are heart related... and yet, I never tire of seeing this sweet little shape popp... read more

Ellisheva & Adam

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For many couples, the location of their engagement shoot is important to them.  It makes sense to choose a place that is significant to you as a couple.  Perhaps photos that highlight the city you live in or where you fell in love.  This is exactly what Ellisheva and Adam had in mind and Darren from Esvy P... read more